Resale and Exemption Certificate Manager

interface of SALTcert resale and exemption certificate manager

Resale and Exemption Certificate Manager

interface of SALTcert resale and exemption certificate manager

Managing certificates reduces your audit exposure.

SALTcert is a powerful cloud solution for efficiently managing your company's sales tax exemption and resale certificates. Access SALTcert through your web browser to collect, validate, organize, track, and retrieve certificates. Keep up with renewals or changes in state regulations through automatic notifications. Scalable to any size business, SALTcert can be used as a stand-alone online resource or integrated with resident ERP systems.


certificate collection and management

Certificate Collection and Management

SALTcert provides a powerful correspondence engine that can send batch emails, physical letters, or faxes to your customers to proactively complete and update your certificate database. Automatically send out requests for certificates that are deficient, expired, or near expiration. Accept certificates via email, postal mail, fax and our online customer portal.

certificate validation

Certificate Validation

SALTcert gives you advanced tools for reviewing certificates and validating them against rule checklists specific to each state and jurisdiction. We constantly update the rules and regulations as the states amend them. As certificates expire or become invalid, SALTcert automatically flags customers as taxable, ensuring that only those with valid certificates are tax exempt and you remain compliant.



Robust reporting summarizes all expired and invalid certificates. Get a quick list of customers with no certificates on file. Create custom reports based on the specific criteria you select. Distribute reports to others via exports to Microsoft Excel. Gain up to the minute insight about your exposure from invalid or missing certificates. Internal audits are quick and easy to complete.

audit response

Audit Response

Sales tax auditors will usually give you a list of customers asking you to provide certificates for each one. SALTcert lets you import these lists to generate taxability reports and retrieve certificates instantly. Always know your exposure and never face an audit unprepared!

certificate library

Certificate Library

Our team of researchers maintains the most current versions of certificate forms from every state. You and your customers will always have the correct certificates. No more searching for the right certificate or wondering if the certificate you're using is up to date or valid. Receive automatic alerts every time a regulation or expiration date changes the status of a certificate you are storing.

data integration and synchronization

Data Integration and Synchronization

Our Web Services API (Application Programming Interface) enables integration with many of the popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and billing systems. Customer data comes to SALTcert automatically as new customers are entered. As certificates are validated, taxability decisions are updated in the main customer database in real time. Data feeds can be customized to your specific needs.



SALTcert protects your data with bank-level security; the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use. Data and certificate files are stored in state-of-the-art, secure data centers. All data is backed up daily and weekly and is moved to off-site storage. You own your data and can retreive it at any time. We do not sell or make your data available to any third party for any reason.

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